Ayyyy. I Got a Job (Sorta)

So, someone has finally realized my genius and fucked with the kid on a writing gig. A local online publication entitled thasuitelyfe.com picked me up like Kobe in the first round and we running oops on your favorite blogger juu heard? If my writing ever tickled that soft cashmere heart of yours follow me over there, I’ll probably be writing OD so umm yeah. Holla

William S. Burroughs 

William S. Burroughs 

Questionble Practices

If you’ve never witnessed the dopeness that is the Menswear House Podcast you’re sincerely missing out on some of the most interesting commentary on men’s clothing this side of the internetz. For all my four-pins readers, imagine Fashion Bros with less selfie destruction and more concerned criticism of the actual clothing. The podcast has been around for about a year and a half now, if my memory serves me correctly. Updates, which admittedly come in less frequently then when the trio (Jake Gallagher, Jeff Hilliard, and Kyle Christensen) first began, have been the highlight of the waning days of the true menswear discussion. I believe the earliest episodes were deleted, for reasons unbeknownst to myself, along with them go some of the more interesting interviews including, Lawrence Schlossman, Brian Trunzo, and Brian Capps (kicking mad knowledge on the inner workings of Billy Reid and being an all around wavy guy) But there are 3 of the newest episodes up on Itunes correctly, one of which dropped today, which is what I’m really here to discuss.

Menswear House Podcast Ep.15

Hopefully you came back after binge listening to the last 3 episodes.

What I find interesting about the most recent episode is the completely shitting on of mainstream style influencers, for the sake of sounding avant garde or somehow more in the know than the average GQ reader. About 60% of this episode was spent shitting on NBA Players, whom admittedly I don’t agree with sartorially, with another 30% blatantly avoiding naming any rapper with any semblance of style, with the last 10% spent naming indie bands and producers I had never heard of and heralding them as the new style icons. Bruh, wtf? Like deadass, somewhere within the 30 min shitfest, I believe Jake Gallagher, goes on to say that the NBA dresscode was put in place because the athletes, dressed like “thugs”. Fam you cannot be serious right now. Why is there no dresscode for the other major sports, primarily hockey and baseball, where white players “dominate” and come to each press conference looking like instead of playing a sport they rolled off their moms couch and into the hearts and minds of the American viewer. At least an ounce of effort was put into Allen Iverson’s baggy jeans and diamond encrusted chain, if nothing else that’s a a staple of his own style that no stylists could replicate. 

 Anyone that reads this blog can take a fair guess at saying that I’m not an HBA or Pigalle fan, but to say that ASAP Rocky and Travis Scott are not influencing mainstream style in a major way is simply a fucking farce. Just as well as it is to say that Vampire Weekend, somehow finds pleasure in dressing themselves outside of a stylists desires. I’m honestly not disturbed by undercover assertion of superiority by menswear bloggers, this is a blood sport apparently and everyone is out to win. But to look at someone as purposefully stylish as Kanye West and write that off as purely a stylist wishes is genuinely fuckin wack.

I’m not exactly sure where all this flaming came from but I think it gets to a deeper rooted issue in menswear in general, African-American style is often written off as secondary or not even within the frame of reference for the average menswear blogger. The simple fact that Sammy Davis Jr. doesn’t get as much burn as Steve McQueen is enough for me to look this menswear shit dead in the eye and laugh. In the end we find appealing simply what we find appealing, the ideal of well dressed is purely subjective and rest directly on the eye of the beholder, but in some instances the frame of our views gets skewed and somebody’s gotta check this shit right?

Ahhhh Shit

If anyone is sleeping on the new Ring Jacket product from the Armoury, listen.. wake the fuck up! @jhilla posted his favorites from their fall drop yesterday but when I went over to the site to double check just exactly how poor I was, I was dead stunned. The perfect selection of Fall fabrics is upon us here in peasant land and I haven’t saved nearly enough to survive the winter. You can tell the selection was curated from an adventurous but subdued eye. A number of mini houndstooths and micro checks for the more inventive shopper along with some of Abraham Moon and Loro Piana most refined plain weaves for the more classically dressed young lord. Most of the jackets are done up in the Armoury’s own AMJ03 model, with a totally unpadded shoulder, widened lapels, and a lower button stance, I’m guessing to mirror the team’s affinity for the Liverano silhouette. But seriously all of these jacket’s are simply too good.

The suiting is not as eye catching on first glance but when further inspected you can definitely tell a lot of effort and keen restraint was utilized in deciding which fabrics and silhouettes to be used. All of the suiting is done in the AMJ01 or 184 models with the 184 being the slightly more fashion forward look of the two. 

Stack your bread, eat your ramen, and buy some clothes fam, cause even if you live twice you wanna be fly on both go-arounds. 

soon…very soon

soon…very soon