If I Were Raised in Firenze it Would be Orange Mountaineering.

"If I grew up in Firenze, Italy, then it wouldn’t be ‘White’ but ‘Orange.’ Just one of the many interesting quotes from the conversation had between White Mountaineering designer Yosuke Aizawa and Canada’s Haven. This interview then goes on to discuss the rebirth of the BLK technical line and the numerous collaborations Aizawa has participated in since the birth of his famed brand. If you want an inner look into a mind of one of today;s most technically gifted designers, it’s definitely worth checking out. Stop through a peep all of the heat over at Haven as well if you’re not already up. 

Shit, What’s Up?

It’s been a sincerely long minute since I’ve written for this blog and I apologize about that. Senior year philosophy major too busy philosophizing here. But today I felt the dire need to discuss my new fav sportswear store. Like I deadass have known about CNCPTS for a minute now but just haven’t taken the good time to really flesh out that appreciation. This morning as I was perusing my daily blog reads I stumbled across the new Hender Scheme pen holders (instacop) and in following the link got the time to run through the CNCPTS online store. Needless to say, shits fire flamez fuego son. I obviously have a bias towards more tailored clothing but I’m not impervious to sportswear in all of its forms and CNCPTS gots it all b. From John Elliot to Canada Goose over to Vis and of course Hender Scheme they’ve got all the menswear approved brands and some under the radar jawns that slap so hard I’m still recovering from the whiplash. Below I dropped some of my favs from the site but I would sincerely consider perusing and checking out that special promotions tab for the struglord goodie goods.

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